ChemBiosens” – LED has a nominal wavelength of 526 nm and the output is compatible with SMA fiber connectors. It has both continuous and trigger mode and connection must be made via an RF adaptor connector SMA. The triggering signal must be less than 2 kHz.

Adaptor specification

Parameter Rating
Power supply input 100 – 240V AC, 50 Hz, 0.5A
Output  12V, 1.25A
Operating temperature range 45°C


Parameter Values Unit
DC forward current (max) 1000 mA
Reverse voltage -5 V
Forward voltage (350 mA, 25°C) 3.9 V
Junction temperature 150 °C
Peak wavelength* 526 nm
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM)* 512 – 543 nm
Optical power** 90 – 473 mW
Typical Lifetime >5000 h
Viewing angle***(FWHM) 135 degrees


*  Tested using Ocean Optics, QBIF600-VIS-NIR (600 mm) patch cable.

** Optical power measured using 200 mm fiber optic patch cable and S150C photodetector (Thorlabsâ Inc.)

*** For non-optical fiber applications.

Performance Plots

Temporal Response (Stability over time)

Note: Intensity changes  < 1 mW over first 20 min after switching ON and stable response subsequently.